Minority Health

From a 44 year old female client: “Even when you feel fine, as soon as
you go to the doctor, they will find something wrong with you, just so
that they can gave you their medicine! Me, I am tired of taking medicine,
so I stay home and drink my tea.”

— As told to Oni Richards-Waritay, African Family Health Organization

"I asked an immigrant, after a poor turnout at a social gathering, what they thought had happened, and they replied, ‘We’d prefer to do double (shifts at work) and make that money than even go the doctor or attend a function!’

A pastor of a largely African immigrant church once told the congregation, ‘Watch out that you do not fall in the trap of working without a break, you might use all the money you have made to repair the health that you ruined with your work.’

-Dr. Dorothy Rombo

Human Development and Family Studies, UW-Stout